10% Early Bird Discount - Secure Your Turkey Today

The Holiday season is just around the corner and so is your Turkey.

We are thrilled to be taking turkey orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2021!

Don’t feel like roasting a turkey yourself this year? We get it.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We offer roasted turkeys complete with our signature homemade gravy and stuffing. This year, have the perfect centerpiece that will wow your friends and family.

We ship high-quality American turkeys right to your front door anywhere in Japan. Secure your turkey today to get an early bird 10% discount*. (* the early bird discount will end on October 24th)

Shipping dates:

For thanksgiving orders: we ship between November 20th – 22nd
For Christmas orders: we ship between December 20th – 22nd

If you have any requests regarding shipping, please leave a comment at checkout.

Our Products

1. Roasted Turkey 2kg w/ Handmade Gravy & Stuffing

If you don’t feel like roasting a turkey this year? We’ve got you covered. This tender American turkey comes with both our signature homemade gravy as well as 400g of stuffing to complete your thanksgiving and Xmas dinners. Perfect for 4 people.

¥9,280 + Free Shipping*

* The shipping fee will be charged at ¥1,080 for Okinawa and ¥680 for Hokkaido.

2. Baby Whole Turkey 2kg

Our baby whole turkey is the perfect size for a family dinner serving 3-6 people. This small turkey fits regular home ovens.

¥4,280 + ¥968 (Shipping Fee*)

* Shipping fee for Honshu and Shikoku. Free shipping is available for orders exceeding ¥10,000.

3. Whole Turkey 3kg

Our whole turkey is perfect if you have a large family or you want to impress your friends. This American turkey also fits in regular home ovens. Serves 4-8 people.

¥5,380 + ¥1,100 (Shipping Fee*)

* Shipping fee for Honshu and Shikoku. Free shipping is available for orders exceeding ¥10,000.

4. Turkey Legs 800g (400g x 2)

Our juicy turkey legs are precooked and smoked. Simply warm them up in boiling water and you have fresh, delectable turkey legs instantly!

¥1,820 + ¥968 (Shipping Fee*)

* Shipping fee for Honshu and Shikoku. Free shipping is available for orders exceeding ¥10,000.

Who We Are

We’ve been serving Mexican cuisine in Japan for more than a decade. As a food truck business, we’ve participated in major events like Summer Sonic, Sapporo Snow Festival, Rugby World Cup to name a few and we’ve also opened pop up restaurants across many major cities all over Japan.

During the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, we were forced to close our food trucks and restaurants and it left us no choice but to explore new ways to serve our customers: that is how we started Meat Express.

With our extensive knowledge and experience with Mexican cuisine, we strongly believe our Mexican menu is the best — or at least one of the best — available in Japan.

If you haven’t tried our tacos or any of our Mexican bites yet, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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