Supreme Burrito Combo (12 Servings)


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Country of Origin Japan & Mexico
Weight 3700g
For How Many People 12 people
Price per 100g
Allergy Reference None

Supreme Burrito Combo comes with free shipping! This combo includes:

  • 2 x Beef Birria Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Mutton Barbacoa Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Matsusaka A5 Wagyu Burrito (300g)
  • 2 x Chicken Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Pork Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Vegetarian Burritos (280g)
  • 1 x Salsa Verde Sauce (Mild) (150ml)
  • 1 x Chili de Arbol (Hot) (150ml)


Beef Birria Burrito

Our Birria is made out of different cuts of beef and beef bones marinated and slow-cooked with Mexican chilies and spices. The Mexican stew is perfectly cooked until the beef is extremely juicy and tender and offers sweet, sour, slightly spicy notes that are utterly deliciousness.

This unique Burrito is a flour tortilla wrapped with Mexican Rice, Frijoles(beans), Birria and Cheese, then pan-seared for a crispy outside. Finally, dip the Burrito in the soup stock where the Birria was made and enjoy this explosion of flavors.


Mutton Barbacoa Burrito

Using leg meat of mutton marinated for 2 days with Mexican chilies, herbs and spices, our Mutton Barbacoa comes with a deliciously moist, and rich flavor. Our mutton meat is slowly cooked in an oven first, then moved into a pot for hours for that perfect finish.

This special Burrito contains Mexican Rice, Frijoles(beans), Mutton Barbacoa and Cheese – it’s like a party in your mouth with full of flavor!


Matsusaka A5 Wagyu Burrito

The Matsusaka A5 Wagyu Burrito employs a Tex-Mex burrito recipe of beef, beans and cheese that provides a whole new level of quality to this traditional favorite. Our Tex-Mex burrito comes complete with fresh salsa verde (25ml), which is guaranteed to bring intensity to your taste buds.


Pork & Chicken Carnitas Burrito

A flour tortillas filled with Mexican rice, chile con carne, slow-cooked pulled pork or slow cooked boneless chicken leg marinated in juices and herbs and cheese.


Vegetarian Burrito

A flour tortilla filled with Mexican rice, beans, cheese and mix veggies cooked with Mexican chilies and spices. We can assure you that we put the same love and care into this vegetarian burrito as we do our meat-based ones.

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Weight 2000000 g
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17 Reviews For This Product

  1. 17


    Very good – great combination, and the new beef birria is very tasty. My only suggestion would be using うずら豆 instead of kidney beans, and using better (Mexican-style) rice instead of the fake saffron rice, which isn’t really as suited to burritos. Still good though.

  2. 17


    So far I’ve tried all but one burrito and they’re all very good. My favorite is the pull pork burrito.

  3. 17



  4. 17

    Henry Thurlow

    Loved it! Thank you very much. Will order again! (Would love it if orders came with a little piece of paper with suggestions on how to heat them up though. I used the microwave and just guessed how long it would take. It generally worked out fine but I was always wondering if there was a specific setting I should be using.)

  5. 17


    Delicious! This was exactly what I was looking for.

  6. 17


    The burritos were all delectable. The sauces were tasty too

  7. 17


    The burritos are great. However, the red sauce was the wrong one (should have been the hot one but I got the mild one). Everything else was fantastic though and I will definitely order again.

  8. 17

    John Saintignon

    Excellent Service. Tasty.

  9. 17



  10. 17

    Barry Grossman


  11. 17

    Matthew Miles-Watson


  12. 17


    Authentic taste.

  13. 17


    I wm addicted to the Barbarcoa burritos.

    Image #1 from Jeremy
  14. 17


    The mutton one is the best

  15. 17


    Great selection of burritos. The pork burritos are my favorite. They were delivered in just 3 days. Great service.

  16. 17


    Great food, good price, fast delivery

  17. 17


    Delivery was quick and my delivery request was followed through on. I’ve only had one burrito so far ( the pork carnitas) but it was very good! It is worth it to go through the extra steps to heat using the fry pan instead of just a microwave. Lots of sauce was also sent with the order, so thank you very much!

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Supreme Burrito Combo (12 Servings)


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