Whole Roasted Turkey 3kg (approx.) w/ Handmade Gravy & Stuffing


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Country of Origin France
Weight 3kg (approx. before roasting)
For How Many People 4-5 people
Price per 100g
Allergy Reference None

If you don’t feel like roasting a turkey this year, this is absolutely your option. This turkey comes with mouth-watering gravy sauce for 4-5 people as well as 400g of stuffing so it will complete your thanksgiving and christmas dinners. This special turkey comes with

  • 400g Mexican Stuffing
  • 400g Green Bean Casserole
  • 200ml Homemade Cranberry sauce
  • 200ml Classic Gravy

*Note: It’s an approx. 3kg weight before roasting.

How to Carve
Carving a turkey is just like carving an extra-large chicken: Remove the wings first, and then the thighs — pop out the joints that keep these pieces attached to the bird and cut straight through the joint. When carving the breast meat, slice close to the rib cage with the flat of your knife right up against the rib bones. Once you have the meat off, you can separate the thighs into thighs and drumsticks, and carve the breast meat into individual slices.

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Weight 2000000 g
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14 Reviews For This Product

  1. 14

    Darin S.

    The stuffing was awesome.

  2. 14


    Everything was better than I expected. Thanks so much!

  3. 14

    Ben Ohmart

    Haven’t eaten it yet, but the delivery and online help was perfect. A bit surprised at the portion, but I should’ve read carefully! No complaints!

  4. 14


    Really enjoyable meal and good value for the money. The stuffing was out of this world.

  5. 14

    Barry Grossman

    Tasty, but expensive!

  6. 14


    It was good. Easy to heat up. The gravy was a little thin so I had to thicken it up with some flower.

  7. 14


    Such a wonderful experience! Incredibly flavorful, the stuffing was dynamic and the turkey had a great mix of light and dark meat. Gravy added extra zest to the drier pieces of turkey. A delicious surprise that helped remind me of childhood feasts. Thank you so much!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  8. 14

    Matthew C.

    It was really delicious! Thanks for having everything prepped.

  9. 14


    Delicious. I warmed it up according the directions and it was perfect.

  10. 14


    Very tasty Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks a lot!

  11. 14

    James Wages

    Meat was extremely tender and juicy. It had just the right about of salt, which means it wasn’t too salty. You can always add more salt if you think it’s not enough, but the included stuffing mix had enough salt in it to satisfy that need nicely. It does have rosemary on it and a fairy strong herb mix, but I found that to be pleasant and not bad at all. The gravy was wonderful, and had it only been a little more more in the bottle, it would have been perfect. You never can have too much gravy!

    The cranberry sauce was so-so, but I’m not big on cranberry sauce anyway. The green bean dish was nice, but if you don’t like onions, it may be a bit too strong for you. It had lots of mushrooms, which I found to be very nice.

    Even though it was only a half turkey, it was a hefty 3kg and much too big to boil in the bag — we don’t have a pot nearly that size. But we put it on the oven on a sheet of wax paper and covered it with foil, then baked it at 170°C for 50 minutes. That’s longer than the suggested warm up time, but I recommend it because it will be quite cold when you remove it from the fridge.

    The price even with a 10% discount is fairly high, but for a once a year meal that you don’t have time to make yourself, you may find it to be worth it. Everyone in our 3 member family enjoyed it, and there were two days of leftovers afterward. Would buy again!

  12. 14


    Turkey and stuffing were amazing, so good!

  13. 14

    Ted T.

    Very tasty and much appreciated.

  14. 14

    James Wages

    I wrote a fairly substantial 5 star review of this great turkey meal last year in 2022, but I wish to write another to say this year was very good too, and as a result, garners another 5 stars. The major downside this year is the weak Yen and the substantially higher cost. As such, I didn’t tell my wife the price tag! The upside though is that for our family of three, 3kg was a nice size, and there were leftovers for turkey sandwiches that lasted two more days. As I said last year, the gravy is great, and it leaves you wishing you received another bottle! I am dead serious, we need another bottle! The cranberry sauce is quite good too, but the gravy is even better. The mushroom and green bean mix is always very tasty, and the turkey was cooked nicely. This year, the bird was the entire turkey, unlike last year which was a half-turkey, and it was small enough this year to heat by boiling (the recommended method), although we did stick it in the oven after that to crisp. The oven dries out the meat more, but I think it’s worth doing. The stuffing mix is normal bread stuffing, not cornbread, but it was still good. A switch to cornbread stuffing in the future would be fantastic, but this is merely a suggestion, not a complaint. Overall, if you find the price is acceptable to your pocketbook, the taste will likely be worth it for your family at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

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Whole Roasted Turkey 3kg (approx.) w/ Handmade Gravy & Stuffing


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