Burrito Starter Combo w/ Salsa Verde & Chipotle Sauce (4 Servings)


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Country of Origin Mexico
Weight 1120g
For How Many People 4 people
Price per 100g
Allergy Reference None
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This combo includes:

  • 2 x Chicken Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Pork Burrito (280g)
  • Salsa Verde Sauce (50ml)
  • Salsa Chipotle Sauce (50ml)

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Weight 1120 g
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75 Reviews For This Product

  1. 75


    I bought this not expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. It’s kind of a pain to prepare one (I only used a frying pan to gradually heat it up), but I honestly enjoyed the noms. I wondered how using a microwave would taste, but didn’t want to find out lest it ruin a perfectly good burrito.

    It’s a little pricey to order them all the time, but when (not if) I get an urge, I’d consider ordering again.

    Image #1 from Andrew
  2. 75

    Alan Demsky

    They tasted great and were sealed nicely, but a bit surprised by the price. A bit expensive considering. Not sure if I’ll order again.

  3. 75

    John Harris

    Nice burritos! I would order every month if price point were a bit lower — maybe 500 each. Also, would prefer chicken & beef combo to chicken/pork. Cooking instructions were too hard to find on your website.

  4. 75

    Casey G.

    Amazing flavour. Little bit on expensive side

    Image #1 from Casey G.
  5. 75


    Tasty ingredients, plenty of food, and the flour tortilla was very good. Good combination of flavors.

  6. 75


    Great taste. Wish it was a little bigger. Perhaps just more rice and beans.

    Image #1 from Robert
    Image #2 from Robert
  7. 75

    Derek S.

    Very nice! My first, but definitely not last, order.

  8. 75


    Tastes great. Good product. Certainly will keep them handy in the freezer from now on. However, think you should have instructions in the box on how to re-heat/cook them properly so they are served in the best shape. Cheers, Frankie Boy.

  9. 75

    Jeffrey H.

    These were simply excellent. Cooking instructions were easy. It was higher quality than what I’ve had at restaurants in Tokyo. I loved the sauces too.

  10. 75

    Darrin Curtis


  11. 75

    kevin gallagher

    I’m giving it a four out of five because it was a good size, definitely filling. I saw a lot of reviews saying it wasn’t worth the price and it should cost less. I don’t think I agree with that, one burrito filled me well. The price seemed fair for 4 burritos and sauces.

    I’m not giving it 5 out of 5 because the filling itself was somewhat bland, especially the rice which really had very little taste to it. I added the sauce between bites and that made a difference but I think more seasoning could be used for the rice.

    Otherwise damn good, I’m uncertain if I’ll purchase again because while it was good and I think worth the money with the sauces, it didn’t blow me away and the lack of flavor was very noticeable.

    Saying that I think you’re selling a fair product for a reasonable price here.

  12. 75


    Great burritos!!

  13. 75

    Vanessa R.

    Huge serving size with lots of meat.

  14. 75


    Love it, but I have to agree a little pricy. I understand that the ingredients are flown in, and the quality to me is really good. But 7 dollars for one burrito with sauce is really expensive. But it is what it is.

    If you don’t care about the sauce, you can order the burritos separately, and with the 15% discount code they might send you on the next order, it will be about 5 dollar a burrito. Not including the consumption tax.

    This is hands down the Best Burrito I’ve had in Japan, and arguable most of America( at least on the NC area) I will treat myself every once in a while, since I love Mexican food. I would recommend getting it for special occasions at the very least.

    I did use the microwave, since I was at work, and it came out delicious with no issues. I’m still kinda mad I can buy the sauces separately LOL If you buy the burritos individually it doesn’t come with the sauce unfortunately.

    At first I thought the burritos were small, but I did get filled eating one, so that counts. If you miss good Mexican food, or want an authentic burrito, this is for you!!

  15. 75


    My order shipped on Tuesday and was delivered on Wednesday. I really enjoyed the chicken burrito as it had a good taste to it. The salsa verde sauce was also very tasty, though I was a bit surprised at the bottle size (thought they would be larger). I dunno if I agree that the price is expensive. I think the price after shipping is fair, especially in Japan where this kind of food is not common at all. Overally, happy with my order and will be ordering again in the future.

  16. 75

    Lukasz Zawadzki

    I’m not going to give it a 5 because it made me want to visit Mexico to try that food over there. Very convincing

  17. 75

    Kirk McNeil

    Wasn’t sure what to expect but was very satisfied with the burritos, both my wife and I in fact. Still a little pricey mainly because of the shipping costs but understandable somewhat considering they’re shipping the food frozen. Will definitely order again…but not too often.

  18. 75


    Very tasty burritos! Muchas Gracias!

  19. 75

    Scott Johnson

    They are so tasty! My girlfriend and I love to buy them to have authentic burritos in the comfort of our home.

  20. 75


    The Burritos were delicious as were the salsa sauces. Very much so. I would have liked them to be a little bigger and they were a bit pricey due to the shipping charges but all in all a satisfying purchase and I will order again from time to time!

    Image #1 from Kirk
    Image #2 from Kirk
    Image #3 from Kirk
  21. 75

    Ryan B.

    It was good but pricy. Getting a larger order, and thus lowering the cost per item, might be the way to go. 😉

  22. 75


    Good! Although the shipping does take some time.

  23. 75

    [email protected]

    Ok I wasn’t expecting anything good but these burritos were on point! For four burritos, yes FOUR very dense burritos, the price is great. I was very skeptical about the claims but no, they can keep making grandiose claims because they aren’t lying!

  24. 75

    Wayne N.

    Burritos are delicious! Haven’t tried the tacos yet.

  25. 75


    Amazing flavor!! Easily one of the best burritos in Japan! Will definitely buy again! Thank you so much!

  26. 75

    John S.

    Delicious! My wife, who has little experience with this type of food, loved it as well.

  27. 75


    A bit too much rice for my taste, but delicious nevertheless.

  28. 75

    Nick Drochak

    Delicious and great value! So glad we found you!!

  29. 75

    Morrow Jeremy

    Very tasty. Will order again.

  30. 75


    Really great burritos, and a good amount of sauce to put on them. I’m so happy to find good Mexican food in Japan, especially as my area doesn’t have many foreign restaurants.

  31. 75


    I have been looking for a website that has high quality mexican/etc products for a while and just happened upon this one recently. After trying one of the burritos with the Salsa Verde I cannot express how impressed I am. It was very well seasoned, filling, not too small, I could go on.

    As a note, I would like to say that I try to eat a majority of my food as vegan, or at least with a high % of veggies. Crazy to ask on a website named “the meat express” but I would be interested in any vegetarian products you could offer in the future.

    In addition, I have been looking for refried beans at this quality. They are nowhere to be found in Japan. Just something to toss in here at the end. Thanks again for the fantastic product!

  32. 75

    Tim Anderson

    Delicious. Actually, if you have an air fryer, after you warm the burrito up for 4 minutes, you can use an air fryer instead of a frying pan to warm it up. I warmed it up for 3 min on 190 C°. Pretty good. Roll it over sometime between 1 to 3 min period.

  33. 75

    David S.

    Said about everything in the “Burrito, Quesadilla & Tacos Best Value Combo w/ Salsa Verde & Chipotle Sauce (10 Servings)” section. Please refer to that section.

  34. 75

    Arka Roy

    Very happy overall but delivery charge is high. (Probably not something you can control).

  35. 75


    Good flavor – we would buy them again! It would be helpful to have better instructions around defrosting, as it took much longer than anticipated.

  36. 75


    Very good and authentic. Even my picky Japanese husband enjoyed it! Gracias.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
    Image #3 from Anonymous
    Image #4 from Anonymous
    Image #5 from Anonymous
  37. 75


    Tasted great and delivered quickly. Might have another burrito tonight. Thanks again.

  38. 75



  39. 75

    Nicholas Norton

    Just amazing

  40. 75


    Fantastic quality and flavor, will definitely be a repeat customer 🙂

  41. 75

    Jason Herr

    These are the some of the best burritos I’ve eaten in Japan. Convenient and easy to prepare!

  42. 75


    worth the money

  43. 75



  44. 75

    Bertram Allan M.

    Delicious burritos. I

  45. 75

    Jennifer Daniels

    We love these burritos. They’re so tasty and we love that it comes with the delicious salsa too.

  46. 75


    The sauces added to the order are a nice touch. Love these.

  47. 75


    The taste was quite good for me, but for the Japanese part of the family it was not spicy enough.
    I had troubles to locate the cooking instructions on your site; and I don’t get the difference between Salsa verde and Chipotle. Are they interchangeable, or is the Salsa Verde for chicken and the Chipotle for pork, or the other way round? Would be nice to learn more about that.

  48. 75


    Very delicious and a good starter pack. I especially enjoyed the burritos. When you follow the instructions and heat it in the frying pan it’s especially great. The salsa verde is really good as well.

  49. 75

    Leslie Najera

    It was everything delicious! Both with chicken and pork. Burritos are received frozen to maintain the flavor, however can be prepared immediately and still being so good!. BUT!! The chilli sauces are also frozen, so most probably the first burrito cannot be eaten with sauce. I will recommend to do not frozen the sauces 🙁 or give instructions to be able to eat it right away as the burritos, otherwise it’s not the same.

    Image #1 from Leslie Najera
  50. 75


    Very very good. Definitely going to order more. Wish the price was a tiny bit lower but overall very satisfied with this product.

  51. 75

    Garrett deRosset

    It was good.

  52. 75

    Todd S.

    Absolutely loved it… clearing room in my freezer for a larger order

  53. 75

    Jarod T.

    Just amazing! Perfect and authentic. Great flavors, fast shipping, already ordered again!

  54. 75


    Love these burritos!

  55. 75


    It was absolutely beautiful!!!! We will definitely order from you again. 12 thumbs up!!! (family of 6…grin)

  56. 75

    Nicholas Norton

    I don’t know how I lived without Meat Express for 15 years. These Burritos are my go to lunch now.

  57. 75


    Very tasty and filling, I shall order again!

  58. 75


    Delicious! Yes, a little bit pricey, but this is the REAL DEAL. Very quick delivery, from Kansai to Kanto in less than 24 hours. Preparation instructions were perfect. These are NOT “microwave burritos!” i will be ordering more…

    Image #1 from MARK
  59. 75

    Nathan Evans

    Tasty and filling. Overall good but some instructions on how to reheat the burritos would have been helpful.

  60. 75


    Fabulous!! I’ll definitely order more…

  61. 75


    I ordered this along with “Burrito, Quesadilla & Tacos Best Value Combo w/ Salsa Verde & Chipotle Sauce”, which comes with 4 burritos, to serve for 8 people. It was a brilliant idea. This was a great idea.
    I heated them in the microwave first, then wrapped them in foil and heated them in the oven. Turned out super yummy!!

  62. 75


    Always great.

  63. 75

    James Wages

    Perhaps one of the best combos. Superb burritos, and the green sauce is fantastic. (The red sauce is a rad bitter for my taste.)

  64. 75


    Bought for a friend!

  65. 75

    Desriel G.

    To be honest, I didn’t use the sauces. But the burritos were great!! ❤❤❤

  66. 75

    Jarod T.

    I will keep ordering these as long as I can! Just amazing, seriously!

  67. 75


    Delicious even though the burritos were a little soggy after microwaving (not problem just a normal thing that happens for microwaved burritos) Delivery was quick and followed extra instructions.

  68. 75


    So good.

  69. 75


    Very good!

  70. 75

    Zachary H.

    Delicious and fairly easy to prepare. I did wish the Meat-to-Rice ratio was a bit more in favor of meat, but very good nonetheless. Some of the best that I’ve had in Japan.

  71. 75


    Delicious. Would definitely buy these again.

  72. 75


    Nice burrito and easy to prepare in a fry pan.

  73. 75


    Delicious! Could be improved by being 15 to 20% larger in size, but otherwise it’s a solid option for getting your burrito fix!

  74. 75

    Brian John

    Excellent as always! Best burritos in Japan!

  75. 75


    Excellecent quality and service. Perfect amount of food. Shipped in a very timely manner. Order came with very easy to follow instructions. The burritos were delicious and very easy to prepare. Defintely worth it.

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