Burrito, Quesadilla & Tacos Best Value Combo w/ Salsa Verde & Chipotle Sauce (10 Servings)


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Country of Origin Mexico
Weight 2440g
For How Many People 10 people
Price per 100g
Allergy Reference None

Burrito, Quesadilla & Tacos Best Value Combo comes with FREE SHIPPING except Okinawa and Hokkaido*. This combo includes:

  • 2 x Chicken Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Pork Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Pork Carnitas Quesadilla (180g)
  • 2 x Chicken Carnitas Quesadilla (180g)
  • 10 x Corn tortillas
  • 1 x Pork Carnitas (200g)
  • 1 x Chicken Carnitas (200g)
  • 1 x Chili con Carne (200g)
  • Salsa Verde Sauce (125ml)
  • Salsa Chipotle Sauce (125ml)

* The shipping fee will be charged at ¥1,080 for Okinawa and ¥680 for Hokkaido.

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Weight 2000000 g
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49 Reviews For This Product

  1. 49


    Excellent quality food shipped direct to your door. The combo pack was delicious and I look forward to “meating” again.

  2. 49

    Richard H.

    Way better than expected, will definitely buy again

  3. 49


    California exile here. I love Japan …. but one thing I’ve missed for 14 years — True Mexican Cuisine. THIS! is the Real Deal Truly authentic flavor; very delicious! Worth every yen spent. (If you like it VERY spicy, however, you’ll need to add some extra fiery sauce.)

  4. 49


    Everything was great and better than I expected. Everything came neatly packaged, and tasted great. It’s so hard to find good access to Mexican food in Japan so this made me really happy! I made guacamole and added that and sour cream to my burritos and as sides to my quesadilla, and it made great meals. I wish it was slightly cheaper, but the lack of this type of access to Mexican food makes up for it.

  5. 49

    Futoshi Miyamoto

    Will definitely re-order. Too bad you don’t have free shipping for burritos and quesadillas. I was gonna order same price amount. Do you have beef jerky?

  6. 49


    Green salsa is great

  7. 49


    Quick delivery, great food!

  8. 49

    Todd Jay

    It didn’t disappoint. We loved the flavors and textures of the foods. So easy to prepare and delicious!

  9. 49

    Jonathan H.

    I love the burritos! That’s all that I’ve eaten so far and would be satisfied if that’s all I ever got, but still excited to try the rest. It’s a quality and taste that I do t get to experience very easily here in Japan and reminds me of back home. Maybe some white(or yellow) queso sauce in the future?

  10. 49

    Jonathan Guinn

    Extremely good. Never thought I’d get good Mexican food in Japan

  11. 49


    I enjoy the burritos very much and thought the cooking process of reheating was easy.

  12. 49


    Food is awesome as always. After a “hiccup” with the timeliness of the service, I was impressed by the quick response to my message(s). I will surely order from Meat Express again.

  13. 49

    Nick O.

    It *does* cost a lot more than back home (USA) due to cold shipping, but just like my occasional 24-pack of PopTarts it is totally worth the occasional purchase. I don’t make the rules; sometimes I need good burritos and quesadillas, and even making them myself from scratch is expensive in Japan. Besides, the salsa verde is great and pairs well with everything in the box.

    I 100% recommend that you get this, put everything right into the freezer, and eat it slowly when the craving hits.

  14. 49

    John Germann

    I received my order. I am so very happy with it! Out of five stars, I give your company 10! The burritos are so good! I grew up in Colorado so I know a good burrito when I eat one. I am so happy that you posted your ad on facebook, I have already shared your site with my friends. Thank you so very much. Keep up the good tastes!


    Prof. John S. Germann
    Tsuru University

  15. 49

    Edward Clarke

    Very good! The food was delicious. The delivery time was fine. (If it was a bit quicker, I would give you 5 stars.) The customer service is excellent. The website presentation is very good. The prices are reasonable (though not low enough to justify daily or weekly orders). All in all, I am a very pleased customer. You will definitely get my business in the future. Great job! I pray for your success and prosperity! — Ted Clarke in Kitakyushu, Japan

  16. 49


    Suprisingly good for frozen food.

  17. 49

    Takeshi Kubota

    The set was tasty! Only one complaint is in the instructions they dont state what power level the microwave should be at when reheating.

  18. 49

    Nicholas R.

    Great products provided. The tortillas may be a little soggy when reheating, but fantastic taste!

  19. 49

    Takashi Niwa

    The best burrito I have had in Japan period.

    Image #1 from Takashi Niwa
    Image #2 from Takashi Niwa
  20. 49

    Robert M.

    Enjoyed the food… very delicious.

  21. 49

    Ted T.

    Very generous portions.

  22. 49

    Benjamin H.

    Very delicious! Though there was not sauce originally in my box, Meat Express quickly sent sauces to resolve the issue! The taste is worth the wait 🙂

  23. 49

    Nick O.

    It’s nice to have this in my freezer when the craving for Latin American food hits.

  24. 49

    Kevin O.

    Great taste and clean delivery

  25. 49

    Martin Villarreal

    Loved it. I can’t recommend it enough. I am ordering again today. Great service an grade A Mexican food.

  26. 49


    Delicious, good portion sizes, super easy to prepare & reasonable price for the products. Will definitely be ordering again to have on hand when cravings hit!

  27. 49

    David S.

    As I have only eaten the burritos, this review is only concerning them and the sauce.**

    The sauces are excellent. I enjoyed the flavor and in all aspects, I have no comments besides the following –

    1) I love spicy food, so for me, the heat was insufficient. For that, I added some death sauce to heat it up a little extra. So, there is no problem there, just a personal preference.

    2) The sauce quantity seemed low, I would not ask that you reduce the profit / sales ratio necessarily, but provide the ability to buy larger quantities at a fair price. I love a lot of sauce, but buying multiple smaller options seems to be inefficient.

    The burritos, – great. Nothing much to comment there. I suppose after I eat more over a longer period of time I will have better feedback.

    Thanks again for adding the veggie burritos! I just put in a big ol’ order to try them out. I look forward to review those and give them a try.

    Any chance you have at adding any vegan burritos, low salt, oil, etc – are something I would also be interested in. Not sure how big the market is for something in the SOS-Free vegan area, but I also suppose that having the option isn’t cataclysmically different then what you already do so it would only change prep and cooking rather then much for ingredients.

    Just a thought for you to toss in there. I am sure that there are other unspoken vegetarian, vegan, low salt, no oil, SOS-free people out there.

    Oh, also a final note. I have been looking for a website like this for years. My friend who also lives in japan said he saw your advertisement and then told me since he knew I have been looking. The only other one I have found is the pink cow. Also great, but more tex-mex and much lower quality in regards to handling. You vac pack and they just wrap in saran wrap. Your tortillas stay solid, theirs get sticky. You have authentic Mexican flavor, they have make-do with more local ingredients.

    Honestly, no idea how you would remedy this, but I would assume there are others that have no idea of this website’s existence, and would pay if they could. Really hard to balance that whole add revenue – incoming new clientele to cost ratio..

    Thanks again! Hope this helps.

  28. 49

    martin villarreal

    I can’t get enough!

  29. 49

    Daniel Middleton

    Good taste. A lot of meat in the carnitas burritos. I’m going to try the vegetarian next order.

  30. 49

    Lessie Gregory

    Very good

  31. 49

    Michael Hood

    Fantastic! I’ll be a regular customer. Great value, great meals. These guys are the best!

  32. 49


    Great Combo! Tasty burrito, quesadilla and tacos!

  33. 49

    David Harriman

    Wonderful! Will order again!

  34. 49


    Second time buying and very satisfied, a great set to have in the freezer for whenever you feel that craving for Mexican food. The service is outstanding and delivery is very fast.

  35. 49


    This was my first order from Meat Express after seeing their advertisements for months and finally deciding I would try it. My expectations were pretty high given the pictures & reviews on the website (and the price, ha ha).
    While I’m happy to say I don’t regret buying the combo, I’ll have to warn that it’s important to carefully read the contents and the listed amounts. I was surprised by how little the amount of meat actually was.
    The burritos (see photo for contents) and quesadillas were made ready to eat, but I didn’t realize how much extra stuff goes into making tacos that are more than just the carnitas and tortillas they give you. (And the yellow tortillas weren’t all that special, so if you can buy those elsewhere, you can save your money on those.)

    Image #1 from SHANE HETRICK
    Image #2 from SHANE HETRICK
  36. 49


    As a Latin American living in Japan for 5 years, there’s a certain taste that I’ve deeply missed that I haven’t found in any restaurant. This combo satisfied that craving. Definitely worth the price. The shipping and delivery were on point, the preparation is easy and well explained and the taste is amazing.
    If I could suggest something, it would be a spicier sauce.

  37. 49


    For the price it was great but we enjoyed the tacos more than the burritos and the quesadillas. The rice in the burritos were somewhat clammy. The salsas that came with the set were delicious! I would definitely buy the tacos again. I had to change the date of delivery and the staff were extremely helpful and kind.

  38. 49

    Nathan Evans

    Tasty and filling. Overall good but some instructions on how to reheat the burritos would have been helpful.

  39. 49


    It was the perfect set up for our party. Our guests were very impressed with my food coordination. (Don’t tell them that it was actually a set selected by the shop. LOL) Everyone was very pleased with the food. I will order food from Meat Express again.

  40. 49


    Food was good and easy to prepare. It tasted really authentic and I’ve already recommended it to my friends!

  41. 49

    Claire ル.

    haven’t had time to try it yet, why is this survey forcing me to give answers

  42. 49

    Ian M.

    All-around remarkable flavors, and surprisingly for frozen products, texture as well. I sensed some room for improvement regarding the saltiness of some burrito fillings and the salsas.

  43. 49

    Anthony Westbrook

    Excellent food! Easy to prepare and very tasty.

  44. 49


    I don’t know if the portions match the price.

  45. 49


    So delicious. The best I have had in Japan. Full of flavor and easy to prepare. My son loves quesadillas now!

  46. 49


    Was great value for the price, not skimping on size with the burritos and quesadillas.
    The sauces that came with the pack were awesome as well, and overall the combo was more than enough to last 2-3 meals for 2 people.

  47. 49


    Burritos – as delicious as always. Quesadillas too. Tacos are next!

  48. 49

    Brian Meissner

    Your meat quality is very good, the salsa is amazing, I’ve grown up in the US around taco trucks and I would love if you would add guacamole to your burritos, that would make them perfect and why I don’t give a 5. Cheese and beans ain’t bad. Your tortillas crisp up nicely.

  49. 49


    First time ordering but definitely not my last. I was pleasantly surprised how good of quality it was even after being frozen. Kids loved the quesadilla. Great service and fast shipping!

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