Burrito & Quesadilla Most Popular Combo w/ Salsa Verde & Chipotle Sauce (8 Servings)


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Country of Origin Mexico
Weight 1840g
For How Many People 8 people
Price per 100g
Allergy Reference None

Burrito & Quesadilla Most Popular Combo comes with a ¥500 discount on the shipping fee. This combo includes:

  • 2 x Chicken Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Pork Burrito (280g)
  • 2 x Pork Carnitas Quesadilla (180g)
  • 2 x Chicken Carnitas Quesadilla (180g)
  • Salsa Verde Sauce (100ml)
  • Salsa Chipotle Sauce (100ml)

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Weight 1000000 g
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90 Reviews For This Product

  1. 90

    Sandra T.

    This food is seriously delicious! My husband and I each had a burrito as soon as the box arrived. Yummy! Of course, I wish it were cheaper, but I will definitely be ordering more of the same for us and for gifts. The meat was especially surprising–excellent quality and flavor. It wasn’t the ground beef I usually use for Mexican food. It was beautiful cuts of meat that had been pulled apart. Burrito delivery in Tokyo… this is a winner!

  2. 90

    Brian S.

    Easy to prepare and delicious to eat. The Chipotle sauce is smoky and amazing.

  3. 90


    Thank you so much. It was easy to reheat and was delicious.

  4. 90


    Great taste and easy to prepare. Just heat it up. Best real Mexican taste I’ve had in a Japan. Don’t know about serving 8 though. Maybe for Japanese light eaters it can serve 8. For my mixed Japanese and American family I’d say more like 6 servings. Great taste and great sauces to go along. Thanks

  5. 90


    A little too much rice but they were the best burritos I’ve had in Japan.

  6. 90


    Quite tasty, nice volume.

  7. 90


    Everything was delicious! The quesadillas are very big..
    Would have loved if the heating instructions were included in print instead of website but it’s a minor minor point.

  8. 90

    Erika P.

    I really enjoyed this and everything tasted great. Thank you so much!

  9. 90


    Very tasty food! I am glad to be able to eat food from my homeland!

  10. 90


    Great variety. Especially enjoyed the Verde sauce!

  11. 90


    Perfectly splendid

  12. 90


    Excellent taste, attentive, professional customer service. I’ll definitely be ordering again!

  13. 90


    Everything was wonderful! Both serving size and quality of the food were perfect and I will surely be ordering more of these in the future. Now if they only had some guacamole… 😉

  14. 90


    Great tasting stuff! Will order again!

  15. 90


    Best burritos I’ve had in Japan in a long time!

  16. 90


    Very tasty.

  17. 90



  18. 90

    Lance Strohsahl

    Everything was delicious. I mean… really, really delicious. Prep for eating was fast and easy. Postal transfer could be clarified a bit better.

  19. 90

    This was great! Very tasty and easy to prepare.

  20. 90


    Pro: Really enjoy the restaurant grade quality in frozen formed.
    Con: Pricey for frozen food price!
    Suggestion: If offer Free shipping, for sure will order more often.

  21. 90

    JAMES H.

    Large portions, authentic, and very flavorful. Will buy again.

  22. 90


    Nice to have tasty Mexican food at home, in Japan that is easy to prepare. Thanks!

  23. 90

    Tomoki Yano

    Couldn’t believe they’re frozen 🙂

  24. 90

    Edward C.

    The burritos and quesadillas were really good, this was the first time my wife and my 1 1/2 year old daughter had then. They love them. I am very happy with this food.

    Image #1 from Edward C.
    Image #2 from Edward C.
    Image #3 from Edward C.
  25. 90


    Very tasty burritos and quesadillas! The sauces are also on point. Would like some heatness options.

  26. 90

    Jonathan Guinn

    Always excellent. Where have you been all my years in Japan and my lack of good Mexican food!

  27. 90

    Ruth Koguchi

    We loved the burrito and quesadilla combo!We served it at a birthday party yesterday. BIG hit!!

  28. 90

    James Stiles

    Hands down, this is the best Mexican food in Japan. I got my first order delivered the other day, and I was impressed. Not only was the burrito and quesadilla very flavorful, but the salsa chipotle and salsa verde were on point. I’ve been looking for good Mexican here in Japan, and I finally found it.

  29. 90


    There was a bit of a screw up with shipping and payment, but that aside the food was good. The salsa verde in particular was excellent. I’m happy to have found good Mexican food in Japan, and plan on ordering again.

  30. 90

    Todd Jay Leonard


  31. 90


    Good food. Easy to cook and prepare. Keep frozen until you eat. The web page that shows you how to prepare the food is very helpful. If you calculate shipping plus the cost, thats about 794 yen per serving. It is a little expensive but the food is good and handmade. The tortillas are good as well. I can’t use this service every month, but I will definitely use it again. : )

  32. 90


    Very tasty and homemade. Filled with meat and fresh products. I wish the portions are bigger, but regardless well priced and a rare find in Japan.

  33. 90

    Chenghan Liu

    Excellent taste and easy to prepare. The only regret is I wish I have ordered more!

  34. 90

    Gregory S.

    Great food! Entire family enjoyed the burritos and quesadillas. Will be ordering again soon

  35. 90

    Jason Harris

    Excellent taste of home (I’m from Southern California) right here in Japan. Impressed with the frozen shipping and how easy it is to heat up the products. Will be buying again!

  36. 90


    Delivered faster than I expected. Maybe took 3 days after ordering. Taste is delicious! Will be ordering again.

  37. 90


    Not too difficult to prepare and tasty. Shipping did take time though, but they were responsive in their emails and friendly. I love the hot sauce, but wish we could get more! I hope for more burrito flavors.

  38. 90

    Brian J.

    Best burrito and quesadilla we have found in Japan, thank you!

  39. 90


    Super happy, thanks!

  40. 90


    Absolutely delicious. Even better than I imagined from looking at the pictures.

  41. 90

    Eunike Leti

    The burritos and quesadilla transported us to the food heaven right from the first bite. They were simply delicious and very filling (definitely not the Japanese serving size). Our tummies thank you! It’s not a question of whether we’ll order again, but rather how soon we should order again 🙂

    There was a bit of confusion on our end about the heating steps as we put everything in the freezer for a few days before indulging them. We actually called and was told to heat the burritos in the microwave 500W for 4 minutes and then pan fry them for 2 minutes on all sides. Ours came out still a bit cold in the middle, so we kinda pan fried them a bit longer, perhaps about 5 minutes or so. The tortilla ended up more on the crispy side, but we like it.

  42. 90

    Takahiro N.

    Had a “Meat Express” dinner party, and the product was brilliant ?
    Definitely ordering them again for the Christmas and New Year parties.
    *will take photos next time 😉

  43. 90

    Robert Collins


  44. 90

    Janine C.

    Great. Very easy to prepare. Reminds me of food from Cali.

  45. 90

    James Wages

    I’m originally from California where we have a lot of great Mexican food options, and I must say these burritos are fantastic. The Quesadillas are good too, but the burritos are simply amazing and were pure ecstasy in every single bite. The green sauce was sensational, and the spicy red sauce was fairly good too but just very slightly bitter which kept it from being great. Keep in mind that these items were all frozen upon arrival, but despite that and subsequent thawing, the taste is shockingly good. Thawing of the two sauces took a long time, so you may not be able to use those same day the box arrives. Anyway, burritos were so good that I can only imagine how they must taste if made fresh, never frozen, and eaten hot on the spot! The price is high which prevents poor guys like me from buying often, but I look forward to my next purchase, since these are too good to not buy again! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  46. 90


    I was very impressed with these burritos and quesadillas. Easy to warm up and make ready to eat and still taste very fresh even though they were frozen. Definitely plan on ordering more!

  47. 90

    Gregory dosen

    Tastes great, a little small
    But good balance. Some reviews say too much rice. I didn’t think so.

  48. 90


    It was amazing! Decent portions compared to what else is available for the price. Was absolutely delicious, wish I had a larger freezer to stock up!

  49. 90

    Edward Portillo

    Pretty good, though I need a bit more experience to heat burritos without ripping the tortilla. The flavor, the experience, pretty much everything was worth it. Also, what’s the shelf life/recommended storage for the salsa? It’s not as good when it’s a slushy, but how long can it stay in the fridge instead of the freezer? That’s my only issue, and it’s not a big one either.

    Image #1 from Edward Portillo
  50. 90

    Shane J.

    Wow! I’m so happy to find MeatExpress. Their burritos and quesadillas are fantastic. They taste like I’m eating at a restaurant in Texas. I highly recommend these and will order them again.

  51. 90

    Bora I.

    Definitely amongst the best burritos/quesadillas we’ve had in Japan! The fillings, as well as the condiments tasted super fresh and authentic – as opposed to the Japanized stuff you can get in majority of Tokyo shops. Delivery was fast and efficient.

    Planning to be a repeating customer, looking forward to try different items from here now on!

  52. 90

    Jason Harris

    Not only are the burritos and quesadilla fresh and delicious, but they are super easy to heat up and ready to eat in minutes, and the time from when you place your order to when it arrives at your door is super quick, so hats off to a great staff who deliver great service as well as fantastic food.

  53. 90

    Mattias v.

    Delivery was very smooth (they actually read the notes on the registration form!), and the food was amazing. Would definitely order again.

  54. 90

    Conan Sharp

    My wife and I really enjoyed the burritos!

  55. 90

    Sarah I.

    I was a little nervous ordering quesadillas and burritos online but they arrived so quickly and they looked great in the box. I followed the directions for defrosting, warming and frying in a pan. They tasted so great! My family and I really enjoyed every menu item. The chipotle sauce and salsa verde were awesome as well. Thank you! We will definitely order again.

  56. 90


    Delicious food, but disappointing. It was hard to find much meat among the beans and rice. Also, the salsas were lacking any spice. They were good with corn tortilla chips I had though.

  57. 90


    The food was really amazing. Some of the best Mexican food I’ve had in Japan.

  58. 90


    Excellent….will order again.

  59. 90


    already recommended your site to a few friends. Convinient, tasty and reasonable!
    It would be nice to have ” with coriander” or “extra cheese” options!

  60. 90

    ケンジ 佐藤

    It was delicious, me and my family loved it.

  61. 90

    Wade Wood

    I am writing this right before getting up to make dinner, which tonight will be one of the most delicious burritos you can get in Japan. No one else comes close in the 22 years I have lived here, and it certainly brings a bit of my home state of Texas across the Pacific. Thanks for doing it right, and making it delicious!

  62. 90


    Great for a big, hungry family!

  63. 90


    Food was delicious! And the team assisted me with correcting a mistake I made on my order

  64. 90

    ブラウニング エーベリ


  65. 90

    Mayra Pena Ruiz

    Deliciosos. Excellent delivery service

  66. 90

    智子 グライダル

    I really enjoyed everything and will definitely be purchasing again. I will try heating in my cast iron pan next time.

  67. 90

    Pawel S.

    Compared to Las Vegas, good burritos are really hard to find in Nagoya. Super happy that I can order still order from Meat Express and get great tasting burritos at home!

  68. 90

    Samuel George Lynch

    Awesome taste and easy to prepare. I plan to order again and again

  69. 90

    Nathan Evans

    Tasty and filling. Overall good but some instructions on how to reheat the burritos would have been helpful.

  70. 90

    Samuel George Lynch

    My second time ordering and it is great will order again next week 🙂

  71. 90


    Really good! I was surprised by how filling one burrito was! Looking forward to ordering here again!

  72. 90


    This is my standard order and it never disappoints.

  73. 90


    Tastes great for frozen burrito and quesadilla! Would order again.

  74. 90


    soy Mexicano. las quesadillas estan buenas el tamaño se agradece. Los burritos son dificiles de calentar pero estan bien. Las salsas personalmente agradeceria poder elegir entre muy picantes o normales.

  75. 90


    Great as always!

  76. 90


    It was my fist time ordering and I like it very much

  77. 90


    Tasty and well packed! Easy to prepare!

  78. 90

    Ryan S.

    4th time ordering. Love it every time. The green sauce really brings it all together.

  79. 90

    Maximilian S.

    Super easy to heat up and SOOO tasty! Ordering again!

  80. 90

    James Wages

    This Mexican combo is delicious as always. Perhaps best Mexican food in Japan. And originally being from California, I can tell you, I’ve had a diverse selection of Mexican food. Bravo!

  81. 90


    Quick delivery. Easy to make. Delicious. What more could you ask for? It’s become a staple product in my freezer!

  82. 90


    Excellent burritos! Packed with meat and decent size. Would recommend thawing out over night, but frozen to microwave to a few minutes in a pan also does the trick. Delicious. Already placed another order.

  83. 90

    Jason H.

    As always, excellent Mexican food delivered to my door in mere days. Such great service for an Expat like me from Southern California who craves good Mexican food!

  84. 90

    Micke K.

    Very delicious and reliable delivery

  85. 90


    The filling on the quesadilla is pretty small and limited in quantity… but maybe it ‘measures up’ by weight and with no rice included…

  86. 90

    Maximilian S.

    Always love to order the “standard” package, for me one of the best choices and super tasty!

  87. 90


    Delicious, and it arrived very fast, I was surprised!

  88. 90

    Deborah Y.

    Excellent! My friends who are Japanese, loved the taste.

  89. 90


    The only downside to eating these delicious burritos and quesadillas is finishing them and not having any more burritos or quesadillas left to eat.
    Also, their new shipping service was surprisingly fast (at least to Tokyo area).

  90. 90


    Absolutely delicious! The meat and other ingredients were excellent quality. Everything was packaged nicely. Heating the burritos and quesadillas was very easy. The perfect amount of salsa verde and chipotle sauces were included. Thank you!

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