A5 Matsusaka Wagyu Hamburger Set (2 Units)


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Weight 360g
For How Many People 1-2 people
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Allergy Reference None

The homemade hamburger kits feature top-notch Matsusaka A5 Wagyu patty, homemade brioche buns and our original bacon marmalade that gives you that perfect savory kick. The A5 Matsusaka Wagyu Hamburger Set includes:

  • 100% Matsusaka A5 Wagyu Burger Patty (140g x 2 units)
  • 3 x Homemade brioche buns (10cm)
  • 80g of our very special handmade bacon marmalade.

How to make hamburgers:

1) Defrost all the ingredients in the fridge for at least 5 hours or overnight.

2) Grill the burger patty on a frypan or a grill at high heat adding a pinch of olive oil. Grill the first side for 2 minutes and flip it and cover with the top for the last 2 minutes. A total of 4 minutes grilling both sides for medium rare inside (our recommendation), or increase 1 more minute covered for a medium temperature. Finally, season with salt and pepper off the heat and let it rest for 1 minute.
Optional: Add cheddar cheese on top of the patty before the last minute of grilling covered with the top.

3) Simultaneously place the brioche buns in the oven at 200C or in the toaster for 4 minutes, then cut in half and then place them again in the oven/toaster face up for 2 more minutes. This last process can be done on the fry pan at low heat.

4) Warm our special handmade Bacon Marmalade for 10 minutes as it is in boiling water (do not open the seal pack) or 2 minutes in the microwave placing it in a dish.

5) Serve the buns topped with the burger patties and the bacon marmalade (30g per hamburguer).
Optional: Add your favorite fresh vegetables and/or sauces.

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Weight 360 g
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05


    Hands down one of the best offerings and that bacon marmalade sauce is the reason to get this set. Please make that sauce available

  2. 05

    Arda Karaduman

    This was surprisingly easier to prepare than I expected. I frosted them in microwave for about 2 mins in 500W. Place the bun in a plastic bag to keep moisture, turned out great and fresh ! Patty needs some time to fully cook from inside, so give it a good fry. The bacon stuff was very tasty and a good companion !

  3. 05


    Very delicious, highly recommend giving this set a try.

  4. 05

    Suzy F.

    Amazing as the first ones.

  5. 05

    Suzy F.

    Simply AMAZING!

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A5 Matsusaka Wagyu Hamburger Set (2 Units)